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Ordnas, will there be an Android and iOS version and also Brazilian Portuguese subtitles?

This game scared the crap outta me, I literally jumped! You can see it in the video:

I love the part where you can become a CAN!!!

Oh my God! That games is so good. Keep developing this game, please.

This was pretty good! A little bit goofy at the end, but you captured the spooky atmosphere perfectly! I had fun with this, good work! 

Well done!!! Will there be a sequel?


I like it

Nice graphics in this game. I did get a bit spooked but I think the house was too brightly lit to be creepy. Also the key was hidden, I thought it was an image on the book since it fits perfectly within the frame haha. If you wanted to go scarier I wouldn't have the monster float slowly toward to you but rather jump at you at the end. Thanks for making the game I hope you grow and make more.

Thank you very much for the amazing experience! Can't wait to try the full version, really enjoyed your work, looking forward for more spooks! ^_^ 

Hi, I like the concept of what you're doing but I hope you're okay with some criticism. 

1. Motion blur is too strong, when moving my character around I felt rather disoriented, if this was what you were going for that's great however it is quite difficult to move with and ended up hurting my eyes.

2. Character is abnormally tall, this is more a personal critique but I found it kind of confusing that the character matched up perfectly with all the door frames. With the hand being so small as well it all just felt weirdly proportioned. Also I assume the tv was important but it was hard to tell because I towered over it, possibly consider adding a crouch button as well?

3. Bathroom lighting is far too saturated and shiny, I couldn't bring myself to stay in that location as I found it to be a pain on the eyes. With the motion blur on top of it it was just not good to look at.

4. Again probably another personal critic but perhaps give small prompts to help guide the player in the right direction? I did not find the flashlight at first so I walked around the dark for a bit rather confused, when I found it it helped greatly but it would've been nice to have been informed of it's location.

Other than that I enjoyed the demo, if you make any full horror works I'll have to keep an eye out.


This Game looks So Good.

The fear factor is nice and creepy. The graphics are well done. 

cool little game!


This game has several issues: 1) The junpscare sound is from the Slenderman Franchise.
2) Assets were from the Horror FPS from Thunderwire for $45 (either rearranged assets or copy and paste).
3) Some animations are not on point with the SFX. 4) there are some sfx that are familiar with some franchises that i played in the past. The “developer” of this “game” might needs some major work on this game.

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Thanks for the feedback, it's not really a game but a demo in which I wanted to experiment with making a horror (it's my first time approaching this genre), all the assets and templates I used are written above in the credits.


Best cabin visit ever! Great game!
Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for playing it!


Short, but still good. It really got me, I screamed and everything! Lol XD

Really like these types of games, hope to see more!

Here's a video of my playthrough of it. You guys should really play this game! ALONE! :D

P.S. This is the second game in my video. Enjoy!

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

Hi XxMelodicaxX, thank you for the video, I really enjoyed seeing you play it and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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This was the second game I played in the vid and it was amazing!! I did have a little problem with the flashlight, but otherwise great game, I can't wait for the full release. 

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough :D Sorry about the flashlight bug, but I am glad you still continued playing through the end!


Well put together very short demo. Can't wait to see more from you :)

Thanks Reaction Zero, I am glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

Looking forward to more from you :)


Hello, I'm French youtuber.

The game is cool :)

Merci d'avoir jouer le jeu! :D


markiplier played your game

3 scary games #27


I might be late to the party but here I am! And this game was really good tbh, would love to see more! 


Thank you and I enjoyed watching you play! :D

Nice , ambiance is great !! 


Thanks you so much,I will share this with my brother

Thank you for playing it ! :D


Yep just cool, please complete the game A.S.A.P without the motion blur Arrrrrrrrrrrr hope enjoy my gameplay thank youuuuuuuuu

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I did not know that on low fps the motion blur quantity was so much, I will add an option to turn it off if I will continue the project! Thanks for playing!

And thank you :)


I really enjoyed this game! Thanks for the spook!

Thank you for playing! :D


Pretty spooky experience for a short game.

Thanks for playing! :D

Great work! Really enjoyed playing this game.
Amazing demo! Can't wait to see how you expand on this concept.
Hope to see some more to the story in the future.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much for the feedback and the video! I hope to continue the project soon! :) 


Graphics and visual design look really good!

Thank you! :D


Gave the demo a shot!


Mucha tensión, excelente juego.

Muchas gracias! :D

its freakin bad my dude


Very Atmospheric game... I really enjoyed playing it .. and in the Jump-scare it scared the crap out of me ...hahahahah good work keep up my frieand ...

Thank you for the video! :D


Upstairs part made my heart skip a beat. Love it so far, keep going!

Thank you! :)


Decided to give it a go after reading the reviews and this game had eerie graphics and scared me a couple times! Thanks so much for that experience, haha!

Thank you for playing! A gameplay video is always appreciated! :D

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it!


Well done for creating quite the nice little atmosphere. I especially liked the person who bolts passed the door in the kitchen. The sound design was good & the overall setting was well designed. Maybe not advertise on the note about the assets? Breaks the immersion!

Thank you for the mini review! :)


Well done little demo! Think it could have had more of a story (just so we know exactly what's going on) but I understand it's a demo. The jumpscares got me pretty good!


Thank you for playing! :D

The story is the thing that I felt sorry the most. I have always been someone that liked storytelling and with Conformity I hoped to finally try to add some story, maybe the next time :)


Yes! With a story and a little more work, it can be good. A little more ambient noise, a story, and just some more work and you'll have a solid game!


Hi Alessandro. Tried out your game and to keep it short. I enjoyed it.

The graphical style of choice is just so good for horror games and all the small things around the house makes it feel more alive. Like that you can interact with stuff in the house, pick them up and examine them. These types of jumpscares are to expect if you have played alot  of horror games before but you manage to keep up the tention while walking around the house adding the fact that you using the sound effects in a good way here.

But since its a demo there is always a few things to improve with time. The sounds effects need some triming. Both the rocking chair and tv static sound could been heard from a bit futher distance. When they are in use they are effective. Someone walking upstairs, which sounded like new sports shoes in a sportshall was just funny. Really takes you off guard. Might not been the best sound in a horror game, but funny as hell when I'm thinking about it afterward. Oh and the magazines needs a backside. Interesting with that transparent look otherwise.

Great job with Conformity. I see potential, not only with this game but for you in this genre of game development.

Thank you Hamlic for the feedback! I was also helped by the short length of the demo, building tension in a short time is easier. 

I definitely had to fix the sound trim, the problem was that if you heard them from too far, sometimes it can ruin the atmosphere (an example of an issue: when you enter for the first time in the house, the door closes and there I want that only the sound of the clock can be heard. I had issues with the audio chair from outside, so I decided to be less conservative regarding the audio cut-off).

Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you for the in depth review, I also doing game reviews and I know that you need to be hard with it :)

I understand that the missing care in details ruined your experience. Usually in prototypes you can "close an eye" if there are small visual or audio issues. For the kitchen, I think using a different audio can't solve the jumpscare problem, because is the audio "cliche" that makes you the jumpscare, it recalls you a danger sound. It is my first horror game, but what I know is that 99% of horror materials are cliche. Making something original was something that required more study behind, I intentionaly preferred to experiment with a simple idea and push on the atmosphere. The fact that you want to see more is a positive thing.

Thank you again and I hope you will review my next prototypes! :D


What a nice, atmospheric walking sim you’ve got so far. The sounds made it very immersive and gave me chills. Keep it up!

Thank you! The sound has always been something that I did not take care in my previous prototypes, this time I decided to give it more attention and I am glad that it is being noticed :)

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