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i broke it :( 


Jogo bonito de se jogar com aqule estilo terror dos anos 90, recomendo muito!


Nice little experience although on my pc it looks sluggish as hell I did enjoyed despite it all 


I am really looking forward for the full game. It has decent potential and will do much better if a story is wrapped around the same.
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Now it's a pretty short affair, but it definitely has that Bloober Team running through a haunted house feel.

The music is lovely. Each sound is cultivated, and builds more and more atmosphere. 

It does tend to lean on jump scares a bit too much. What it does well though is create great atmosphere that you can absolutely feel as soon as you step through the door. 

The Aesthetic does remind me a bit of the RE engine, but could just be the dirt and grime used. 

Alessandro Capriolo does a great job with this short game. Though it is stated as a prototype, there is no mistaking that is feels pretty polished.

Definitely check it out. It's short, but that means that you have even less of excuse to not try it out. Going to be checking out your other games now. 

Thanks for playing Conformity! Great review! :D

You are very welcome ☺️. I very much enjoyed it. I'm currently looking at your games. Keep it up!


I enjoyed your game immensely! I just wish it was longer! The graphics are very impressive. My only critisism is the sound from time to time, but other then that its a really impressive piece of work.If you or anyone wants to see a unique playthrough of this game, not just people screaming then check out my video below :)

Just found out u have made even more games, gonna be checking them out soon :)

Nice Game, i Love it!!! Was my Monster Buggy?? 


I play this game at 7:26 during my 3 scary games video, what a brilliant scary game! Check out my video

I really loved this game only thing is IT WAS SOOOO SHORT MAKE :/ want moree #support and #love from #india man <3 Here's my gameplay


love this game scary yet chill and I cant wait for more

keep it up and you will make it big 


I liked it
I liked it. 

really short but really well done.


I really liked this game but some of the sound effects werent implemented into the game very well but I thought it was pretty creepy.



One of my biggest jumpscares brh


Best indie horror game ever !

My Gameplay on this game

The game was actually pretty good! I really liked the atmosphere and graphics. The horror elements were good but I would've liked it even more if it was scarier :p Overall it was an awesome experience and you've done a great job! 

This was a really awesome experience. The game ran fine and I did not come across any issues. I really like this style of game and you did an great job at creating a creepy atmosphere. here is a little video I put together for you:)

Thanks for playing it and for the video! :)
The fact that the area is small enough helped to make it not too heavy to play on any configuration.


Well done. I enjoyed it.


that scare got me good!😭😂😂😂

Love it, wish it was longer

can’t wait for full game

Close... Close... Close... You Almost Got Me 🤘😂


This was clean and spooky af! Added it my new series, '3 Spooky Games'!


This game got me good a couple of times! The graphics are out of this world. I would love to see the whole game!

Nice game


Great horror game! I love the visuals and light effects. 

I played this yesterday and let me tell you after this I will never say NO to neighbors cookies. 

hHere's video how it went at my part, so come don't be shy and tell me what you think about it. See you there.

very fun!!!!
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This Game is very Awesome!😍 Greetings from Germany ❤️

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I played your game and all I can say is. That was the silliest game I had in a while.
If people wanna see it then go ahead. Here is my video. Excuse me for being sick.

Ordnas, will there be an Android and iOS version and also Brazilian Portuguese subtitles?

This game scared the crap outta me, I literally jumped! You can see it in the video:

I love the part where you can become a CAN!!!

Oh my God! That games is so good. Keep developing this game, please.

This was pretty good! A little bit goofy at the end, but you captured the spooky atmosphere perfectly! I had fun with this, good work! 

Well done!!! Will there be a sequel?


I like it

Nice graphics in this game. I did get a bit spooked but I think the house was too brightly lit to be creepy. Also the key was hidden, I thought it was an image on the book since it fits perfectly within the frame haha. If you wanted to go scarier I wouldn't have the monster float slowly toward to you but rather jump at you at the end. Thanks for making the game I hope you grow and make more.

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