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Some decent ideas but too many default or stock assets that I've seen in so many other games that it breaks any immersion I could have had. With some changes I could see it being well received.

It is a prototype so I used standard assets, I tried to not choose assets already saw in other prototypes but I couldn't avoid for others. Thanks for playing! ;)


Heyo! I'll drop my video here as well. The atmosphere of the game was really great, and had apprehension high the entire time, but the scares themselves probably wouldn't scare many veterans. Good demo though!

I agree about the veterans, for a really scarry moment I had to dedicate more time on the design.

Thank you for the video! 


Short and great, crapped my pants a few times...

Deleted post

aesthetically looks very nice, but there wasn't much story to go by so i didnt quite get it ^_^! i do look forward to what you add on later on, its got lots of potential! keep up the goo work amigo! (Spanish play-through)

I had to cut the story, as playtesting is one of the things that takes most of the time in development!

Thank you for playing!


Certainly an interesting game, can't wait for more!

Thank you! :)


Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content. I can't wait for the full game and your future projects! Good luck! 

Thanks! ;)


That was pretty fun. I like simple games like these.

Thanks for playing! :D


This was a lot of fun! Looking forward to playing the full version! 

Thanks! :D


Bro Get your grandma...

Thanks for the video!

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i havent tried it yet but its looks fun to play!


I've mentioned on Twitter to write a full review on this game, so here we go..

First of all, I've read you've used a kit to create this game and some people have made some comments on that. I don't mind this, that's what the kit is for, after all.
As a player, we don't know what you did get from the kit, what you changed, what you created yourself etc. so I think it should be kept in the middle as long as the end product is good.


Now, on to the game itself: I think the basics for a horror game are there. Good location, layout looks nice and the 'story'so far could turn in something interesting.

It reminds me of games such as Resident Evil 7 with the old house, and movies like the ring, due to the old photographs, the TV etc. Which I liked.


A couple of things that I did notice on my playthrough, however..(note, as the game is in early development,this is not criticism, just feedback).

1: The light/brightness.I found the game to be rather bright at times, especially in the bathroom. The latter even got so bright it hurt my eyes at times.I also saw some light orbs flying underneath the hanging lamps if looked at in a certain angle.The was also a weird light coming from underneath the bed, which was odd. 

2: Objects that had an issue. The first one was the rocking outside on the porch. It was moving back too far, making the bottom part of the chair disappear in the flooring. The rocking chair with the man in it, when you leave the bedroom moved sideways instead of back and forth.
Some of the magazines laying around the house also had some issues. When turned around, the backs of some of them were transparent, as if you weren't holding anything.

3: Doors. The doors had some issues when opened. I'm not sure about all of them, as I noticed it quite late. The one you're supposed to open with the key, it was kind of 'floating' there. It was not connected to the frame.

4: Movement.I think the character walks a bit too slow. Maybe a fast walk button could be added. Also, the player often just 'walks' over certain objects which made gameplay a bit silly at times. I also got stuck once at the door you open with the key. It opened and I got stuck between the door and the wall, could not move and had to restart.

5: Reflections. Some objects on walls reflected too much or too little. An example, the mirror in the bedroom reflected the entire room whilst the lights were out, as was my flashlight. Another example was the clock in the room with the staircase. I could only see it was a clock when I had my flashlight aimed at it, before, I had no idea what it was, as it was a circle with an odd reflection on the wall. The mirrors throughout the game also do not reflect the player, and the TV in the living room does not match it's mirror reflection either.

6: Menu. Even though it's an early version, I think it needs a menu to begin with. Maybe add the option to change keybindings (people who don't know how to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY won't be able to move like it's mean to) as well as a gamma to increase/decrease brightness etc.


I hope this review was helpful. Again, I want to say that it's no criticism as the game is in early development. Just some things I've noticed.

Like you know, I also created a video on my experience.
There you can see the issues mentioned above as I encounter them.


Thank you for the super review!!! :D  

I am glad that you agree that at the end the important thing is the game, regardless of kit/engine/framework is used.

I admit that the bathroom light was tuned not correctly, originally it supposed to have the light 
switch off/on. I changed the rotator script (used for wheelchair for example) at the last, it broke a lot of things that I tuned with "random" bugs.

When you update the game, I'd love to give it another try!
I'm glad that my words/video were helpful! :D


This game is pretty good! it's so pretty to look at and some of them spooks down right got me! there is an issue with movement though. You kind of tend to drift around (especially when heading right and left). Also the size of the hitboxes is a little too small. But I can see potential there! Anyway, I look forward to seeing a full game! 

Ouch, I didn't notice the drifting :O 

Thank you for the feedback!


Played this for a 3 free indie horrors, and was pretty disappointed

. I give a full in depth review at the end of my video


Thank you for playing the demo. I mainly released it to get a general feedback from the user of itchio. I saw that you play games like Silent Hill, Outlast and Resident Evil, of course I don't prentend to be compared with them using a prototype made in 16 hours, I have to make comprimises as originality and I am aware of that :)

And yes, as I added in the Credits, I am using "Horror Kit System" by ThunderWire Studio and I am not ashamed to use it (so I put the paper thanks in the demo). Or should we say that any game made in RPG Maker are not deserved to be released? ;)

RPGMaker is an engine? Not an asset Kit. I'm not saying you should be ashamed for using assets, however. When the entire game is made using a kit. It losing all originality from the start, because none of it is your original content in the first place. I'm glad you're getting feedback. But if you listen to anything i say. Learn blender. You have a TON of potential and i can definitely see that. I just think if you're going to try and make a game such as this. Consider making your own assets, Textures, Scripts, etc. I'll definitely be checking back and seeing how you progress as a developer. Keep striving for the stars my friend! It's nothing personal, it's just the gaming industry and it's a rough market.


Fun game but I'd like my tree fiddy back from MJ now lol

Thanks for playing :)


This game was great, I wish it was a lil bit longer! Can't wait for more!

Thank you, I hope to continue this project soon! :D


Greet game really enjoyed it !

Thank you! :D


I enjoyed being the home inspector for this creepy house! Can't wait to see more and to be able to inspect more of the house! Though no one told me being a home inspector would be this dangerous... 


Ahah, I like the idea of the home inspector! Thanks for playing the demo ;)


Well, I am not sure where to start.

I understand it's a prototype but even in this stage there are things that are really unacceptable.

1.The doors are not aligned with the door frame, such that when they open the door is some distance away from the door frame.

2.The demo/prototype is poorly optimized. I averaged around 30fps on a GTX 1070.

3. There is no menu or instructions included. I have the same HFPS kit from Thunderwire and I can tell you it's not hard to include a menu and/or instructions.

4. The example note found upstairs is straight from the kit, you could have at least added your own notes.

Overall, there is potential but without some sort of backstory and sense of what your have to do, it's hard to play and enjoy.

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Thank you for the feedbacks :)

Fortunately you just noticed a small fraction of the unpolish things and bugs in the game :p 

Anyway I decided to upload the demo just to know feedbacks on some particular area like atmosphere and progression. With a prototype I am convinced that missing menus and props flying in the air are not ruining the general experience. Of course, can happen that some will not like that level of unpolishness, it is a risk that I am ready to choose :P IMHO better a missing menu than 2 minutes of gameplay removed.


Well, I think a basic menu would have been nice. Maybe a pdf file explaining basic controls would have been pretty easy to include.

I understand your point on the gameplay, doors not aligned when open and clipping issues can easily be fix in the next release. I didn't mean to sound too harsh.

The atmosphere is really good I must admit and I look forward to the next demo. At least you have released something, I'm still working on my project!


Very good game. its short, but i understand that cause it is in development. no doubt i am waiting for more :)

btw here is my video:


I am glad that you enjoyed the demo! Thank you for the video ;)

i played the demo and it was really , like really good the only issue i had was that i could not exit the game whatsoever , escape did not work , windowsbutton did not work , ... it could be on my end but please check it justr in case , besides that amazing demo


Yeah, the demo needed an exit button, for now I tried to advise in the Install Instruction to press Alt+F4 to exit. Windows button does not work because the game is running in Exclusive Fullscreen. Thank you for playing! :D


SKIP TO 5:50!!!

I had to tune some jumpscare better, you are not the first that misses some jumpscare. Anyway thanks for playing :)


Hello i just wanna say that i enjoyed playing this, great job! oh also i made a video so i hope you enjoy my video!

Thank you for the video! I get every feedback, good or bad, I need them to develop a better game :)


I can't say too much either way with this as I know it's a concept demo still in development, but I had fun playing it :)

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Thank you for playing the demo! Unfortunately I left a lot of the initial ideas half-implemented or not implemented at all (story most of all).



Thank you for the video! :D


I was sad when it ended.  I wanted to keep playing! lol

Ahah, thank you for the nice feedback! :D


Awesome Job! Really enjoyed this one! I have a weak spot for mannequins and god damn!  

No, it wasn't a bug, the "guy" in the last past was supposed to move like that :D 

Thank you for playing! 


Really well done. The sounds and atmosphere were spot on. The events were quite spooky, and a little silly.

I laughed when you wanted to enter to the other side of the mirror in the mannequin room! :D 

Thank you for playing! 

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Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed it! I should had highlight the key door better!


Good game. For a prototype I believe you are going in the correct direction. I made a video playing it. I played 2 games and yours is the first one. 


Thank you TUD for the feedback! :D 
I had to tune better the first jumpscare outside the window (when you get the door key).


hi, big thx for this great scary demo. very good job. awesome :) greetings from germany

Thank you very much for the video and for the nice feedbacks! Unity in the last couple of years really improved its graphics, if you tune correctly post process and lighting it can compete with Unreal Engine 4, expecially with the new HDRP pipeling. 

Thank you again for playing! :D


I really enjoyed the game, even  tho it ended way too soon. I hope you ccontinue this game. Also I had to start over again because I got stuck when I opened door where I had to use key. But I don't find anything else to complain :D


Ouch, I am sorry for the bug! :(

Anyway thank you for the patience to start again the demo :)


Nice game. When Full game ?

I hope soon! Thank you for playing! :D


Super creepy... super brown pants time.. 😂

Ahah, I am glad then! :P Thanks for playing!


Muy buen juego la ambientación es genial.

Muchas gracias :D


The game is great atmosphere and graphics are amazing i liked it alot

i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thank you for playing GPHOBIA :D


I enjoyed this one! Looking forward to see where the developer goes from here!

Thank you for the video! I am glad that I caught you off guard :D


I enjoyed it! Here is my video on it! I linked the game in the description! Feel free to incorporate my video into your post if you would like :D


Thank you for playing kilsnacks! :D I appreciate and agree your feedback about the last part, it was rushed compared to the rest of the prototype.


Great horror game it scared the crap out of me!!


Thank you JangleX for playing! I enjoyed watching you play the game :D


I like Psychological Horror games and this game is really horror if you play in dark room wearing headphones. Can't wait for the full version.:) 5/5

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Thank you for playing! I really appreciate the video :D

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