A third-person action shooter where you are facing a war between humans and robots. "Humanity Is Dead" is set in a distant future, where a cyber-virus is spreading and robots are going crazy all over the world, threatening the survival of the humand race.

PC version available to download, with scalability graphics settings.

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WASD - Move 
Mouse Left Button - Shoot (only in Aim Mode) 
Mouse Right Button - Aim Mode


Humanity Is Dead - Windows Version 56 MB


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very nice game cant wait till a update arrives

Next update will come very soon! ;)

Neat game. I like the graphics, the blocky style works well with a future based game. 

Thank you for the gameplay video :D


The GIF's graphic design is MUCH better than the prototype's.  Love the game and I will be watching further development and updates.

The GIF is without color correction, I always thought it was MUCH worse! Thank you  for playing! :D

Yeh I think it's much brighter; really spruces up the environment. Also, thank you for making the game =)

Also, this is an apocalypse; things are going to look a little "rust-ic", if you can mind the pun.

I am kinda iffy on this, I enjoy the music and the aesthetics but the game felt too slow, there were also times where my character blocked the screen, the last issue I had was the lack of instructions. you should at least add a read me file or a how to play in a main menu

I will re-add all the content that I cut for various issues, like  the "famous" sprint button and more variety  on the gameplay (different weapons, different enemies, various items etc.) Thank you for playing! ;)

I'm looking forward to it, I did enjoy what little there was but I do feel there could be massive improvement. I'll be keeping my eyes on future updates 

Nice game. I'm happy! Thank you!!!! 감사합니다!!!!

Thank you for playing! ;)

I really enjoyed the game, I might suggest a crouch option if possible, I was trying to sprint and couldn't but I actually liked the slow walk concept. I played it during my twitch stream and really enjoyed it, featured it in my twitch highlights video. My buddy directionally challenged asked me to play it. I can't wait to see where this game goes in the future, what are your plans to improve? 

GrynchGaming thanks for playing! I am glad that you liked it, these days I am working on it, I am adding some of the stuff that I cut for not having enough time (a couple of new areas, new weapons, AI improvements and the ability to sprint to say a few).  I need to send the final prototype to the publisher, but I will upload the new version anyway on itchio.

*sips tea*

SaucyYasser thanks for playing! :D

Really like the visuals and music. Expected to be able to shoot and break those beer or drink bottles XD

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I saw a lot of you guys expected to drink that bottles, I will try to put them in the game as potions/health beer! ;)

Nice style, maybe a bit too slow paced (could need a sprint key). Also there are some gaps in the level design where you can pass between a car and a wall and walk out of bounds.
Aiming on the head does not always work. After one shot the red dot will not appear on the head again until you aim somewhere else first.
Good luck with further development :D


The sprint was cut on the last day of the development, there were some issues with the gameplay and the level design, so in the gif you could see the run animation and in the game a green bar on top of the screen. Thank you for the whishes! :D

Solid start here but I think the gameplay still has a long way to go! For a prototype this does a great job of showcasing the awesome music and art though, definitely the games strongest point right now. I'm looking forward to seeing how the gameplay evolves from here!

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Thanks CoalFire for playing! Yes, there were some issues during the development (a change from an RPG to a shooter genre, that stripped away a lot of content). Next month I will update the game with new content, it will be the wip that will be send to the publisher.

This game's got a ton of potential!  The soundtrack and art style are definitely some great steps towards a hopefully great new cyberpunk game in the future!


Thanks for playing! I still need to realize how you found that glitch of the missing floor at the end of the game! 

No worries, definitely excited to keep up with this!  Wish I could be of more help.  Unfortunately, I just kinda wandered over and found the missing floor :P

this game is great!! controls are nice and smooth and the graphics are really really awesome! i just wish i could sprint lol, great job on making this game :D 

Thanks Jay! Unfortunatelly the game was short but I intend to update the prototype with new content. The game had some issues that required my to remove the sprint button, but I will definitely fix that. 

It bugged. When the game changed scenario in a blink i wasnt at an intended place, that led me to continue at the initial area, permiting me to wander through the map. 

I saw many well constructed places, inside buildings too. I could appreciate some art there. Ive seen many buildings that in actual game you cant see... try deleting some stuff to make the playthrough smoother.

P.S.  I loved those cars. Made me imagine a larger world, where you can drive the streets. I know it'd be a challenge. but maybe just a motorbike would make it very cool... smashing robots in the way...

I need to investigate on that bug, it seems quite random. The web version lacks of optimization, the heavy parts are the dynamic lights which I fixed partially (the sudden "blink" at the end of the corridor because I loaded synchronously lights of the next area).
Actually I wanted the player to be able to drive a car at the beginning, inspiration was from Cyberpunk 2077 demo, I will try to add it in the next game update.


ikr i even have that if you know what i mean

LOVED IT! The character isnt human, right? lol! Robozombies are cool!

About the game: (played on windows)

--- Resident evil is a very good style to go. I enjoyed very much switch the gun back to the holster, added much realism.

--- Ragdolls are fun. Interacting with them, besides shooting, would be also cool.

--- Im sure you are gonna tweak the camera sooner or later. I would not focus so much on that right now, the game is playable.

--- Im sure again that youre gonna add another gun (or granade, or whatever) asap ^^.

--- Your level design is good. Dont let people say its your fault when THEY dont know where to go.

--- The atmosphere is PERFECT.  It would atract more "eyes" to this game by adding some little eastereegs about the upcoming lore (maybe some places to press "E" ou "F" to activate a text popup).

Again... dont focus on a thing or solve early glitches. 

Make the game show its features, let your imagination flow without getting stuck.

You have a very nice replayable game here! I'll be glad to continue giving feedbacks of gameplay or help the development somehow. Im looking forward to the updates.

Thank you very much gutsmangbs for the feedback list! 
I was thinking to have the camera more distant to the character when you are not aiming, and fix collisions with the enviroment.  I wanted also to put a rifle in the second scene, but I had to discard it, I will put it in the next iteration of the prototype.I was worried about the level design, I could not make any playtesting with others, glad you did not have any issue with it.
It would be great having feedbacks from you on the next update! :D

why can't i sprint lol?

Cool game, but browser controls are bad.

Cool game, but browser controls are bad.

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Love the graphics they look really cool and I also love the perspective. It would be really cool to add the shooter controls for pc mouse pad other than just the mouse controls.



Visually it's very appealing, it would be great to see the prototype expanded. :)


This wip is having good feedbacks for the atmosphere, so probably I will continue the development. Thank you for the video! 😀

found alot bugs in the game|!

Ahah, I will be careful! Thanks for the video! ;)


I agree with the comment below that the art is definitely the strongest point of the game. I get heavy Blade Runner vibes from it!

I also played in the web-browser version and had some difficulty with the controls as well. Weirdly enough, I had no issues getting long-ranged kills but if a robot was about mid to close range from me, I'd have a lot of trouble actually hitting it. I constantly felt like I had to be aiming more to the left than what was intuitive for me from other 3rd person shooters, so I'm not sure if I should chalk that up to the smaller web-player window or maybe there's room to play with camera angles vs aiming angles? I didn't really feel like I could properly maintain control of the situation if a robot got within attacking distance, since I had trouble aiming and also couldn't get away due to being so slow.

I wanted to replace the laser with a cross-aim, I think most of the problem is caused by that, but now that you are mentioning it; the camera could be offsetted wrong. That would fix also situations on the short range. 

Thank you for the feedback! 😀

  • I played it in the webplayer, it was a little unresponsive but that was probably because of that.
  • The art looks great, but it's not clear to me where I'm supposed to go to.
  • What is the advantage of aiming and then shooting, instead of always having the guy aim?
  • I think some gun recoil would make the shooting more interesting.
  • I would make the mouth red, because I didn't recognize the guy as human.
  • The audio clip isn't all that long, perhaps add a couple more clips and switch between them.
  • A main menu and options menu would also be appreciated.

I did not optimize the Web version as I would like, but I also wanted to avoid to download the game to play with it. 

I tried to guide the player adding lights spot, probably not having a Run button is something bad if the player doesn't know where to go.

Also in not having a run button does not bring advantages between aim mode and not.

Adding a recoil would be nice, but an handicap that I would avoid at the beginning of a game.

In having a menu is definitely a go-to expecially for a prototype, is "Hellblade" from Ninja Theory a less enjoyable game because it does not have a menu? 

Thank you Mika for the feedback! 😀

wont load

The loading is at least 2 minutes on a 7M ADSL, there are a lot of assets to be load. Try to download the Windows version.