Humanity Is Dead - Update Release
Humanity Is Dead has just been updated.
Release Note:

A third-person action shooter where you are facing a war between humans and robots. "Humanity Is Dead" is set in a distant future, where a cyber-virus is spreading and robots are going crazy all over the world, threatening the survival of the human race.

PC version available to download, with scalability graphics settings.

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WASD - Move 
Left Shift - Run
Mouse Left Button - Shoot (only in Aim Mode) 
Mouse Right Button - Aim Mode
E - Open Chest
I - Inventory


Humanity Is Dead VS 64 MB

Development log


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is there a full screen

i cant shoot because i dont have a mouse :(

Just saw two thing to improve:

  • Exploring: it´s really hard to know the direction to go. You could try something like in Doom Eternal where the way to go it´s marked with a green light. Mabye you could try neon lights on buildings (for the theme).
  • Ammo: when the player runs out of ammo and there´s no ammo packs, the player is forced to wait until is killed by the robots. Mabye a melee atack could be a solution for this issue.

Anyways the game creates tension really well. Thanks.




do onw for chrome os if possible?

jogo daora mim lembra bastante resident evil   


hot, i coomed hard




*ring* *ring* Hello? 911 RIGHT THERE


This is amazin


I got stuck at one spot and then while exploring for a new route I clipped through the wall




The aiming is kind of clunky, I noticed that it became really hard when the robots get close. I wish there was a tutorial. I feel a little disappointed. Other than that the style is awesome. I like how its low poly. And another problem, the web version is super laggy when looking at anything other than the ground. If you could remove assets as you move further into the level, I think that would reduce the lag alot.

this game had excellent presentation and controls. i had trouble with the lack of ammunition. and i feel like the robots could use some audio feedback. but a good game nonetheless

This game was SO GOOD! I wish i could play it on full screen! Also Why are weapons so uncommon,And when i open inventory i cant move my cursor or see it meaning its REALLY hard to check my items and weapons.

I'm playing on a school chromebook and the motion blur is lagging my game along with the massively sized map, please try to fix this :)

I am sorry to know that you experiences slowdowns, are you trying the web version? Try to download the game instead, it is usually faster than playing on the browser. 

You cant download these type of games on chromebook unless you have linix. BUT school chromebooks block linix.):

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tried to play it on android kh3 level of graphics android uses two fingers for right click in fact many touchpads on laptops ive had cant right click and left click at the same time. still very impressive.


you can walk through walls very easily and exit the play area


its really fun but laggy

how do u shoot

First you need to aim pressing the Mouse Right button, then you can shoot with the Mouse Left button. The other controls are in the game description :)


Doesn't work on trackpad :/ please change this!

the web version is broken on chromebooks (by broken i mean way too laggy)


Unfortnately the web version is not highly optimized! On some machine works fine, but I couldn't test it on chromebooks, sorry! :(

Yeah! I'm playing on a school chromebook and the motion blur is lagging my game along with the massively sized map, please try to fix this :)


Great job!

Thank you!


Was a lot of fun if a little buggy, sadly I don't know if I finished it or hit a game breaking bug :(

Thank you for playing! I am glad that "Humanity is Dead" is still played! The exit level was after a door (in the corner where you fought the floating robots in the big room) :)

Thanks for letting me know :)

Either way it was fun, just a tad confusing :P

This game is lit!

why cant it go full screen

WebGL is just to preview the demo before downloading the PC version, WebGL is too slow for 3D fullscreen, unless you play it with very low resolution :(

The game has potential, can't wait to see how will it develop later on.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Thank you for the video! :D

I suggest you to get the new version, there is chapter 2 and a revision of chapter 1 ;)

We will try it ,thanks!



I played your game as my first video. The game was really good, but I found a couple bugs. The bugs are seen in my video. Will there be a Chapter 2 to this game? I would love to keep playing the game.

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Hi Jason, sorry for the late reply! I am having problems on a new prototype and the my time available is lesser than ever :p

Thank you for playing the demo, unfortunately the bugs are a compromise for developing the demo in a short time. The chapter 2 depends if I will find a publisher for the game, some publishers were not interested enough so for now the project is blocked. 

I can not move, can you help to fix that bug by changing some of the controls? EX: Arrow keys

the camera moves too fast

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Mmm, maybe there is a bit of mouse acceleration, some players noticed it too much. Just in case, did you try the WebGL version? If you played on your browser, try to download the PC version, maybe there is some input lag due to low fps :D

yeah i play the webgl version,thanks

Gave it a go...


Thank you StepVibes! I really enjoyed your video :D 

No problem, Alessandro!

I am not trying to comlan but it loads kind of  slow for Chromebook can you try to fix it 


You are right, the game needs more optimizations. It will be fixed when the full game will be released (hopefully if I will find a publisher!) Anyway thank you for trying the game :D

run button please?


Next week I will update the game with new content and a new level, adding the run button!

Awesome! It's also great to see you interacting with the community.


Ahah, I am still having some spare time to reply, I hope the same in the future! :D

Não me diga que é brasileiro?

Gameplay Brazilian

Obrigado! :D

Deleted 3 years ago

Ahah, I hope to release it as soon as possible! :D

How do I run?

No run in this demo at the moment  :(

alright. thanks!

I enjoyed it, I' love to see more of whats to come!


Thank you for playing  :)

ofcourse :D 

Can you add an Options menu ?

I do not think I will have enough time for an Option menu, sorry :(

This game is slow, it's not bad bit the movement is slow and I couldn't run what so ever and it made it a bit of a rag. I liked it fro it's concept but the running and the aiming of the gun could be worked on. This was the last game I played.

Hi spancore, yeah, in the next update of January there will be the Run button, and more variety from gameplay to areas, in case I am uploding videos from the next update. Thank you for playing! ;)

very nice game cant wait till a update arrives


Next update will come very soon! ;)

Neat game. I like the graphics, the blocky style works well with a future based game. 

Thank you for the gameplay video :D

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