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Rotten Parasite is a third-person action game, focused on combat and exploring an atmospheric environment.

The game takes place in a ruined castel located in Eastern Europe. Over the years, many travelers journey to the castle with the reason to drink what is known as Dimitri's Wine. The place now is plagued with an illness, called Blood Parasite, that transformed most of its citizens into dangerous creatures, with the distinguishing mark of rotten flesh. 

The player is The Doctor, who specializes in finding and destroying parasites, which travels to the ruined castle to combat the creatures and exterminate the source of the illness.

Minimum system requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 - Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601)
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2500K / AMD FX-6300
Memory:  8 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280
DirectX: Version 12 
Storage: 2 GB

Recommended system requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 - April 2018 Update (v1803)
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770K / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 480
DirectX: Version 12 
Storage: 2 GB

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Created and designed by Alessandro Capriolo - @CaprioloOrdnas
Forest Art by Dave Berg - bergdavi@gmail.com
Castle ruin assets by Epic Games from Elemental Demo
Characters by Epic from Paragon 
Using  Close Combat: Swordsman template by ZzGERTzZ 
Moon art by Moon art from Good Sky pack by Uneasy
Menu music by Franz Schubert from Barry Lyndon Soundtrack
Trailer music by Bloodborne Debut Trailer


RottenParasite.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

Extract the folder and  open CloseCombatSwordsman application. 
To exit the prototype, press Alt+F4.

To reset Video Settings:
delete GameUserSettings.ini in \Users\User\AppData\Local\CloseCombatSwordsman\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor


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this is a very promising project! 5 stars!

Значок "Проверено сообществом"

Hi! Since this is unity, could you please export to mac? I don't own a windows.


definitely a Souls-Borne child and I love it! I will probably come back to this experience for a while after raging playing other souls games. Thank you so much Alessandro!

Thank you for playing it! I'm glad that the high difficulty of the game was appreciated. Confirming that it is a Souls-Borne child makes me very happy! :D


The combat is really bland. From what I have experienced, it is very slow. The block just reducing damage just makes it worse than a dodge.  Especially when the reduced damage can barely be felt. Also, why can't attack animations be canceled when you try to block? I get that animation canceling could be a problem that comes with that but speeding up the combat would make it much more enjoyable. 

Right now, the only good thing I can say about this is that it looks great, but when the only thing there is to do is kill enemies, you would expect combat to be more interesting.


It's supposed to be hard, like dark souls or any other Souls-Borne series such as salt and santuary, Nioh, Sekiro, BloodBorne, Demon souls, and the list goes on. In real life, if you swing something around with all your strength and heavy then you can't stop it. That way you wait more for your opponent to move first. The gameplay is not a bombastic, action "Kick the enemies' butt and send them to hell" type of thing. It's slow and methodical combat system makes it more rewarding to your brain when you defeat a hard boss or just killing the nobodys, Every kill is a win.




And here is my gameplay video of this game!

Awesome game! Its a bit hard for me to run but its great fun. Because of the frames I couldn't get past the third enemy. However that's fine, great piece overall. 


This is absolutely a beautiful game. A little rough around the edges, but the graphics are very impressive and the gameplay essentials are covered. I'm wondering though -- why did you leave it in an unfinished free state? I reckon you could have developed this into a full-blown game and sold it for a pretty good price.


Wow...the art is mesmerising. I can't wait to play!

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Thank you! Play and share some feedback if you can! :D

hello! i downloaded the game but it's not opening. what can i do?

Hi idilsila13, I am sorry you had issue with the game. Can you extract the zip. folder? Did you open CloseCombatSwordsman.exe? Can you meet the Minimum system requirements ( the one you find in the description )? Let me know :)

hi! sorry for the late responding and thank you for trying to help. I upgraded my pc and now I can play it so I guess it was my problem lol. have a nice day.

also, it would be amazing if you can work on the combat and settings option a little bit more.


Incredible presentation and an all too familiar combat vibe - excellent work!

Thanks SoundDriver! :D

Hi, this game looks really good, and I want to play it; but when I click launch nothing happens.
Itch will say that the game is running, but that's it; there's no error, no window, nothing at all

Is there another source to download the game from?

Hi konakuma, sorry for the late reply! Try a different web browser (I tested with Google Chrome and currently it is working).

"when I click launch", make sure you click the Download button.


game looks great, but there no sound options, only one type of enemy, the combat is super wonky. But if you keep going and make this into an actual game, ill definitely look forward to it.

Thanks for the video and your feedbacks! :D


I must say a very enjoyable game ^^ a little challenging as well which is really nice ^^ thank you fof game I enjoyed it.

Thank you BunnyTClub for playing! I like hardcore games and I wanted to add a bit of challenge on my prototype as well :D

Will you be using these assets for the final production?

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At the moment there is not any plan to release a final game, but technically all these assets could be use in the final version.


amazing game. I love the graphics. player model could use a bit of adjustments and a few props were found floating around. but so far an amazing game. I am not sure if there is a way to heal and save or I just missed something or what but it is hands down a great game so keep up the good work.

Thank you Arkrium for playing the demo! No, I removed the healing, the demo is short and I think it would make the game far too easy if you could heal.


The atmosphere feels great, kinda like Bloodborne.But the combat itself is somehow naive though. You see, the enemy actions are pretty predictable and the player's attacks and dodges are sometimes awkward. Maybe you need to add some more animations, like light/heavy attacks. 

Thank you Jon404 for your feedback! I agree with adding more animations, it is something that I should have done :)


Game ran very well for me. Graphics and art style were top notch. Only change Id like to see is maybe combat sounds. Other than that, fantastic demo!! 

Thank you Hallowynd for your video! I really enjoyed wathing you playing it! :D 


Game ran perfectly on Linux using Proton-5.4-GE-3. Dropping shadow quality & foliage gave 120 fps from start to finish.

As a big Dark Souls fan, this seriously made me smile! I'm surprised at how well this put me back "in that world." I love this so much, thank you for this!

I am really glad that the game is so optimized for everyone!

I am huge fan of From Software and I couldn't resist not making a prototype inspired by their games! Thanks for playing! :D


Maaaan, this game has a lot of potential. Bummed me out when the demo ended so soon!!! I hope you enjoy the gameplay!!!

I am sorry that you found that bug (passing through the wall), doing so you skipped all the other area of the game :( 

Thank you for playing and for your feedback :D

everything was great but that part. Looking forward to what you do next with the game!!!


Love it! It has some Bloodborne vibes. Pretty impressive what you have done there and it has potential for more.
It did run really well on my computer.

Thank you ButtonBashBros! Bloodborne was of inspiration from me after playing the game. I am glad it ran well! :D

Yo I have potato compute testin if it will work then report back hopefully it no LAG

this death sound brings what is happening here


I really enjoyed it the graphics and the enviroment are superb really well done! It's an awesome endeavor for just being your work :D

Clearly all the prototype jaggies are there but they were not even to bothering, I have one question on the combat that I haven't understood. When you press reapedlety the left or right mouse button do you put different charges into the attack? or does it trigger the same kind of strike?

Again wow job and keep up :D

Thank you LazygamezIta, I am glad that you like it! :D

No charges, it is the same attack, same speed and hit damage (if I understood your question!).


Unfortunately Windows only!

cool game! Its very cool! :D 

Thank you! :D


This is a pretty impressive demo! That atmosphere is spot-on! Feedback wise, as some mentioned, there is a lot to be done on tuning for the fight and singular attacks.

I wrote 2 articles dealing particularly with this topic, it may interest you!

Anatomy of an attack

Keys to Rational Enemy Design

Feel free to join our community if you want design help from veterans, we have few combat-based games there already :)

Good luck for your game, it really does look awesome!

Thank you Nicolas! I still have to read it all, but I can see that you deal the subject with great professionality. If I will have some spare time, I would be glad to join your community! :D


Nice work it's a good prototype/starting point! Just want to make a few points, from one UE4 dev to another, that will hopefully help.

The atmosphere and aesthetics for the game are really excellent, I can definitely see the Bloodborne influence there. Do you plan the replace the assets with your own? I don't think the models from the Elemental Demo were intended for gameplay (it was a sequencer demo if I remember correctly) and probably not as well optimised as gameplay assets should be. The volumetric fog also tends to tanks performance when you use it on a directional light across the whole map. I seem to remember a GDC video covering some great ways to localise it to the specific playable areas: "Volumetric Fog and Lighting in Unreal Engine 4 | GDC 2018"

Sound design is also well done for the most part but I noticed a very harsh transition from the outside to inside area, probably just a prototype thing but thought I would point it out. A lack of music (even a temp track) for the larger boss fight left it feeling very anti-climatic too.
I would also be very wary of using licensed music from Bloodborne in your trailer on YouTube. I know it's just for your prototype, but you are still breaching copyright on another artist's work and you may have your video taken down. I'm working on a VR gothic horror project and have been writing my own music in a similar style. I have a few tracks that I probably won't use so if you want one, let me know and you can freely use that without worry. :)

Keep up the great work and I look forward to following this project as it develops.

Hi katanalevy, thank you for you feedbacks! They are really appreciated!

Most of the inspiration came after playing Bloodborne, the assets will be replaced if I have to release the game, I can iterate more (gameplay, feeling, etc.) using assets taken from the store.

The fog was really a performance hit, I optimized a but the shader, the fog is a less bit pretty but performance gained form 30fps to 1-2fps.

For the sound I admit that I had to put more effort, one of the aspect of many of my demos.

I really liked the Bloodborne trailer and I was too temped to try it as a prototype trailer, I admit that probably I will have to change it or do differently in the next demo trailer. 

Any chance for controller support? Would love to play this with an XB1 controller

I agree with you, the controller support is something that I really wanted in, unfortunately I couldn't add it in time, no future plans for this prototype at the moment :(

That's sad to hear, this demo was great. It's a shame to see it get abandoned, it had a lot of potential :(


I really enjoyed this game!

It gave me a really good Bloodborne/Dark Souls feeling and I found that pretty nice. I read the comments below and agree with Edalbung on the Pros and Cons.

Overall the game is really nice and I like the game, I hope you get a final build released one day because that would be something I'd buy for sure.

I also liked the weapons and how they looked, hopefully the full game will include wider variety of weapons even if they're mainly just melee weapons. I want to see the game fully finished because you've made quite the game here!

My only issue that Edalbung didn't mention was that the roll mechanic, rather than taking little damage, should be a lot more like Dark Souls where a well timed roll can save you from getting mauled by a sword.

Thank you Eddie-Gluskin for appreciating the game!

I hope to develop it further beyond the prototype phase, positive feedbacks like yours do a lot in making it true, and for sure it will have different weapons and a better roll mechanic! :D


Tried running it on my pc but it was too laggy and choppy. Even after I turned all the graphic options down to low.

I am sorry to hear that :(

Unfortunately the minimum system requirements are quite high, I put them in the description just to let people know it in advance.

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Thanks for playing! Si, sono italiano! :D

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mi fa piacere trovare altri dev e creators italiani ..collaboro con molti italiani :D ciao sono faith e lavoro come test per lobby! per qualsiasi aiuto e consiglio ci sono :D

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The game is really beautiful! It may be a little too much for my PC so I tuned it down. I generally suck at these type of games and I couldn't pass the first stage. When you get surrounded by enemies that's where the hard part begins. I don't think the block works (right mouse click) if that's the intended function. Hopefully this shows the gameplay alittle better. (No ads in video)


Thank you BubbleKnight for your video! I enjoyed your playthrough. The block has a bug, I forgot to unbind the button to the block command in the final demo build :(

Ah, yes the block would make a world of difference! Extra hard mode I guess haha! Looking forward to the build!


Hi, here is my feedback on your game:

- Positive points:
* The universe is well crafted, it gave me big vibes of Bloodborne, and that's really good, I think that you can make a big impact, since Bloodborne didn't release on PC, the DSfan players will play your game for sure !

* It is really beautiful, the visual effects, the scenery and the character models are very nice !

* I liked the music of the main menu which put me in the ambiance, and the sounds of the environment are cool too !

* The animations are quite pretty !

- Negative points:
* Camera doesn't focus when we target an oppoenent, it is a bit annoying to replace the camera during the fight.

* The combat mechanic lacks of smoothness, indeed, after an attack animation, it takes sometimes to move, it seems that we are stuck for few little seconds, then we can move.

* I don't know if it is linked to the point above, but I had issues also for hitting enemies, indeed, at some occurences I missed the target, whereas I was sure to hit it well.

* I didn't feel too much the difference between the different combat states, can you please describe the several type that we have ?

Overall, your game is quite nice at the moment, I think that it misses only some tweaks on the gameplay, in order to put it at another top level of production ! Keep it up !


Thank you so much for the detail review! I really appreciate it!

I must say that I agree with all the negative points, most pf them for a tuning problem which I clearly understimated, as the camera and the movement recovery from the attack animation. 

I did not experience it myself, but it is possible there is an issue with the hitbox activation.

The combat states was just a toggle between "combat" and "free movement" mode. I know, it is super ugly (it should be activated only when you targeting an enemy) and I should had replaced that.

No problem, I know that a feedback is very important for a game developer, so I'm really glad to help you !

By the way, thank you for your answer, I understand better the combat state system, and the updated behavior of it with the target should work perfectly.

Anyway, I'm eager to see the next version ! :)

I downloaded it. Will try it out later.

Oh boy this looks good! If only my computer could run it.


super impressed with how you got the game to look and the gameplay is rather fluid too! I'm reviving my old MMO project "OmuniOnline" now renamed "Omuni Reborn" and looking for devs to join in on their free time until we ramp up with funding and stuff :D It'd be awesome to have you! If you have discord, feel free to add me. Ray Noodle#8256

also i'll be making a lp video on your game bc it's pretty dang cool ^^

Thank you for asking but I am still quite busy with my projects. Good luck with your MMO! :D

totally fair and understandable :D if u ever wanna hop in and help out in any degree lemme know ^^ even if it's just for fun or something haha. Thanks! You too :D all the luck for your project 


I'm really surprised to see this great game but you need to add more stuff to make this game amazing...Attacks in this game are not that good because you can't fight more than 1 enemy. Attacks are so slow and when you swing your sword to stay at the same place. May be add some combos and increase the movement speed in combats. Add a suitable music in the background during the combat/no combat. Other than that this game is really promising graphics are outstanding. If you update the game then let me know I will make a video.

Thank you for your feedback! :D

The combat mechanics is intended to be 1 vs 1, space management is important to fight groups of enemies.

I wanted to make the difficulty a bit harder, so no AoE attacks and the attacks are slow. The player needs to learn the enemy attack animation to understand when you can still attack or roll to avoid in incoming attack (your attack animation is 15 frames, while the enemy is 30, so you have still a margin of error). 

I think the music could destroy the general feeling (being lonely in a dangerous place) and personally I found annoying to listen the same music over and over again, but that can be a matter of taste.

Yes you must make the game bit hard but don't make it unplayable, a user will get bored if he/she can't pass the same level. :)