A fast-paced single-player experience, "Don't Drop The Cake" delivers all the guns and action you’ve been hoping. It’s time to get some cake.

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Twitter https://twitter.com/CaprioloOrdnas
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alessandrocapriolo

PC version available to download.


WASD - Move  
Mouse Left Button - Shoot  
Space - Jump


DontDropTheCake.zip 188 MB

Development log


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It's taking forever to load

this games controls are  whack as hell

is this a endless game/

Hello when  upload this game 

I don't really understand the point of it, no settings what so ever. Motion blur is out of control and enemy hitboxes are super inconsistent. Weapons deal about the same damage so why even bother putting them in there?

is there a way too turn off motion blur and turn down the music/soun

I cant download windows file, huhu.

It seems an itch.io server problem, please retry later, I am sorry about it :(


hey this game seems good but its maybe the motion blur or something like that is just making it really hard to enjoy how can i turn this off and there should be a settings and pause screen, even though it is kinda hard to enjoy it is nice and actaully kinda fun 


Hi Joey, thanks for the feedback! It is a prototype and unfortunately I did not have time to add a settings menu :(  

Me: gonna get some cake "shoots zombie then ram" Me: I IS BULL

dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dabd dab dabda


A fun little demo.

this game is fu


on browser: lacks gameplay. shoot sound doesn't always play. asset flippy(can't walk through doorways, obviously not designed specifically for this game). let me rebind reload or make it auto so i dont have to take my finger off the d key. please stop shilling your generic, unfinished, buggy, untested, unity asset flip


stop this is listed as a prototype so leave him be i enjoy criticism to improve but this is just hateful

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Very cool! Good use of post-processing and visuals are amazing. I have a few recommendations: 

  • Make the health bar bigger. 
  • For the "earthquake" like effect, I'd recommend somehow making the effect bound to the world instead of the enemy.
  • Maybe abit of collision polishing?
  • Maybe also have a pause/exit option. It's pretty hard to get out of the game...

Or else, very fun. Would play again.

Thank you Alexandre for the feedback!

The UI has always been a problem in my previous games, I posticipate it and then there is no time to add a new HUD. For the earthquake effect, I think you mean the spawned rocks, because when you kill an enemy the rock spawned follows the enemy, yes. The collisions are very time consuming and is something that I would sacrifice, I think that does not change so much in the experience of a small prototype :) Same for the pause/exit option.


I understand so much where you come from AHAH. If this is just a fun prototype, it's a really good fun prototype :)!