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Sadly i suck at this game


Made a video


Thank you for the video! I am sorry for the bugs, being a prototype it was challenging to add the different ideas all together in a small demo :)


Even with the bugs and how very difficult the prototype was it was still fun enough to keep trying multiple times to get farther in the game. Overall it's a really good base to work from if you continue to develop the game any further.


Improve you Charector Controller And Character Animation Game Idei is awesome Good Graphics Awsome Work  :)...

Thank you nitin! I am glad that the main idea of the prototype is being understood! If I will continue the project I will improve the controls :)


Dope game. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for playing! :)


Awsome top-down shooter! made me focus on many things which made it more interesting!

I am glad you enjoyed the game and the music! :D

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