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I enjoyed the playthough, I would say the jump was difficult, but manageable. I could see why you would recieve some negative feedback on it. 

I Jalex01x, sorry for the late reply! I maybe found out the problems about the jump, something related to the momentum (when you release the jump button too soon, the character just falls too much quickly, instead of remaining in air by the momentum). In the next games I will implement the jump correctly, much like I did with a previous prototype, "Daemon".


this game is gay

Cool prototype game. 

I noticed a glitch at the first part of the boss fight. If you die and hold down any of the keys, the S key wont work when you respawn. After you die, not pressing any keys while loading and all, the S key will work again.

To me the jumping felt a bit heavy, but that might have been what you were going for. 

All in all, great vibe and aesthetic to the game!

Thank you KingMagiKarp40 for your review. I did not  know about that bug, I will replicate that and try to solve it. I had a lot of negative feedback about the jump, still wondering if something related to level design problem or mechanics.  Thank you again for your time! :D

Bugfix  05/03/18 - solved crash at the end of the boss battle.

I generally enjoyed this game. The platforming was good and the simplicity was nice. But I did not enjoy the boss battle, having to restart the whole thing every time you die got extremely frustrating; and after i killed the boss on the falling rocks section the game crashed, which got we very annoyed as I lost of of that progress. But I would still reccommend people to try this game to see if its for them. 


Thank you really much for taking the time to play Atomic Cathode and do a Let's Play.
This game is one of a series of prototypes I am creating every month, with the purpose of iterating different ideas really fast. A full-time job prevents me to work more on them than I would, forcing me to sacrifice things like polishing and a proper playtesting, and bad results can happen like the frustating boss you were mentioning and the unexpected crash at the end. 
I can say for sure that I am still satisfied of the result, that you enjoyed the game and you still recommend it!

Awesome little game you have here! I think it looks really cool and has some really nice effects and style. I enjoyed the boss fights. Some recommendation I have are to make the controls better ('s' is very difficult to press fast) and it would be nice to be able to use 'A' and 'D' to control my character left and right as well.Also when you die I would make the music keep playing and not restart since I really like the soundtrack you chose and I wanna hear more of it but I keep dying making the music restart. Overall I enjoy your game very much and am excited to see what you have in the future. 

P.S. Would you be so generous as to check out my game I made? Here is a link to it. Play it and try all the different modes, weapons, and maps, and tell me what you think!

Here is a link to it if you aae kind enough:


You can hold it down, dude/tte.

Thank you Antfs10 for the suggestions. I always take notes so I can improve the next prototypes, like the soundtrack restart. I will take time to play your game! 

have you played my game? What do you think?

I was busy during the week, this week-end I will let you know! ;)